We hardly believed our luck

14 07 2015

My wife and I met in Hungary in 1997, and married in late 1998. We have an age difference of 12 years.

At the time we met my wife was 23 and longed for children and I’ve already had 2 children. To make things more complicated, unfortunately during my previous marriage I had a vasectomy.


So we started IVF treatment in the UK. The second attempt resulted in my wife becoming pregnant; unfortunately she miscarried at 3 months. We then tried IVF treatment in Russia, without success.


As final roll of the dice we tried Ava Riga. With a lot of emotional difficulty we started a new treatment regime in August 2013.

After years of hardship we hardly believed our luck, as in early November the pregnancy showed a positive result. We were over the moon, and when we went for our first scan with our UK consultant in December, we were in for another surprise. The scan showed, that we were expecting twins!!


My wife gave birth to Eva and Maya on the 20th June 2014.


We now believe that if you want something hard enough and fight for it, you will get it with smaller or larger “bumps” on the way there, but if you have a good team behind you with guiding hands you can achieve anything.


Thank you Ava Riga, we love you and will never forget what you’ve done for us.



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