Little miracle Mira

Roger and I meet little later in life. We were in our late 30'. After a while we start talking about kids and decided to give it a try. Pretty soon we realised that we had to get help and turned to a fertility clinic in Stockholm. After a year with IVF treatment the clinic recomended us to try egg donation to improve our chanses to get pregnant.…

A meeting that literally change our life

All through the process the professionals at Ava Clinic demonstrated a high level of skills and experience and brought new perspectives and ideas.


The single most important factor was their ability to put us as patients in focus. While other clinics and practices talk of risks and difficulties, the people at Ava Clinic also emphasized opportunities…

We hardly believed our luck

My wife and I met in Hungary in 1997, and married in late 1998. We have an age difference of 12 years.

At the time we met my wife was 23 and longed for children and I’ve already had 2 children. To make things more complicated, unfortunately during my previous marriage I had a vasectomy.


So we started IVF treatment in the UK. The…


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