Artificial Insemination using
sperm of the partner

Usage of this treatment is determined by cervical factor of the woman, when partner's spermatozoids are impaired by the environment of the cervical channel. This treatment can also be prescribed in case of slightly decreased amount of normal spermatozoids, lack of semen, or erectile dysfunction. Statistically treatments are more successful if a woman:
- is younger than 30,
- has both fallopian tubes passable.

1. Diagnostics

To determine the ability of spermatozoids to fertilize the ovum, the sperm quality test is carried out before the insemination. In AVA CLINIC we do not only spermogram, but also functional tests of the sperm.

2. Control and stimulation of ovaries

Hormonal stimulation is used to increase the number of mature follicles in the ovaries. It significantly increases the chance of pregnancy. During the stimulation doctor monitors the growth of the follicles until they reach the desired size. Then the hormone is injected which induces ovulation and eggs are released from the ovaries.

3. Preparation of the sperm sample

On the day of insemination your partner submits a semen sample. Sperm is cleaned, and the most viable spermatozoids are selected. They will be injected into the uterus.

4. Insemination

On the day of ovulation spermatozoids of your partner are placed into a thin cannula, and inserted into the uterus. It is a simple, painless procedure, similar to your usual gynecological examination.

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