Little miracle Mira

23 09 2015

Roger and I meet little later in life. We were in our late 30'. After a while we start talking about kids and decided to give it a try. Pretty soon we realised that we had to get help and turned to a fertility clinic in Stockholm. After a year with IVF treatment the clinic recomended us to try egg donation to improve our chanses to get pregnant. They recomended the AVA Clinic in Riga. We decided to give it a try and to start with visit the clinic in Riga. We felt immediately that the clinic was serious and professional. And we were very well taken care of. Our coordinator Nadia was an angel and very patient with us and all our questions and always gave us quick replys.


Our first try wasn't successful but on the second try we get pregnant! 9 month later she was here our beautiful and very very long-awaited daugther Mira.


We will always be so grateful to AVA Clinic in Riga for giving us the greatest gift in life?


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We are feeling extremly well. Joshua now has 6 kg of total weight.

After few weeks we will be glad to visit your clinic for additional healthcare.



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