Every woman needs to have her own trusted doctor-gynecologist. He must know all specifics of your body, illnesses you have had, including gynecological illnesses. Your private doctor-gynecologist will become most trusted person when you will decide to become a mother.


Gynecological examination must be carried out with sensitivity and dignity. In AVA CLINIC we provide customized and professional approach in comfortable atmosphere. We do our utmost to ensure that communication with your doctor is simple and filled with trust.


First consultation with gynecologist should take place at the age of fifteen or sixteen. If you are planning to begin or have already begun your sex life, it is necessary to schedule further appointments twice a year, and do the tests, especially when you have a new partner. That will help you maintain your health and beauty.


Gynecological diseases, if they are not treated timely, lead to infertility.


Take care of your health now, schedule a visit to gynecologist.


Your health is in your hands!

Gynecological services

General preventive examination which includes doctor’s consultation, ultrasonography, oncocytology.

Assessment and treatment of gynecological diseases:
cervical diseases, including HIV screening, vaccination against cervical cancer (Silgard, Cervrix),
drug treatment for cervical erosion, if necessary – consultation by gynecologist-oncologist,
treatment of benign diseases of uterine cavity,
treatment and diagnosis of endometriosis,
consultation of gynecologist-endocrinologist,
treatment of inflammation of the pelvic organs,
testing to determine the presence of Sexually transmitted diseases.

Consultations about contraception, contraceptives and methods, insertion of intrauterine spirals Mirena, Nova-T Gold.

Consultations of gynecologist during menopause.

Ultrasonography - gynecological examinations, examinations of pregnant women, 4D ultrasonography and ultrasonography of the abdominal cavity.


There are highly qualified gynecologists-oncologists with long experience working in AVA CLINIC. We diagnose on early stages and treat the following diseases:
cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer,
uterine myoma,
ovarian cyst,
cervical diseases (cervical erosion),
cervical dysplasia.

In our clinic you can receive an injection of Cervarix, a vaccine against the virus which causes cervical cancer. The vaccine is developed for women who want to protect themselves against two most common types of cancer inducing virus.

Please, remember, only joined effort, vaccination, regular preventive assessments and cervical screening tests will protect you from cervical cancer.

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