Pediatric department

All efforts and professional expertise of AVA CLINIC pediatricians are dedicated to ensure that your children are healthy.


Our doctors not only give examination and recommend the treatment, but they also consult about modern methods of vaccination, breastfeeding, advise on fighting upper respiratory tract infections (like common cold), explain how to feed a baby during an illness, and preventing overuse of medication.

Visit to the doctor is arranged so that you have enough time to ask all your questions and get the answers - the doctor will devote you and your baby as much time as you need.


Programs for monitoring children’s health:
- Monthly appointments (height, weight)
- Monitoring of psychomotor development
- Home visits
- Consultations on child care and nutrition
- Maintenance of the child’s medical documents

Programs for monitoring of children until the age of 18

Experts of AVA CLINIC:
- Neonatologist-pediatrician
- Surgeon


Laboratory examinations:
- Blood tests
- Urine tests
- Faecal analyses
- Nasal and throat cultures


In our registrations office you can find out how to register for an appointment or schedule a home visit, how to select a complex program for your child, register for ultrasonographic examination, receive a medical card for school or kindergarten and medical certificates.


Doctors and experts of AVA CLINIC Pediatric department will help you to raise a healthy and happy child.

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