Donor eggs and
donor sperm

With this method ovum of a healthy female donor is fertilized using donor's sperm.

This treatment method is used when the ovum has a poor quality or does not get produced in sufficient quantity for a pregnancy to occur, as well as in cases when a woman does not have a male partner. This treatment also suits couples who do not have their own germ cells or the cells have a poor quality.

You can begin the treatment straight away, without an initial appointment and without a waiting list.

1. Choosing a donor

When the decision has been made AVA CLINIC will offer a candidate from its data base. We do not have waiting lists. We select and confirm with you a donor in two weeks after you have filled in and sent us the questionnaire.

2. Stimulation

The stimulation process of a donor takes ten to twelve days. Doctor reproductologist carefully monitors the development of follicles, but the whole team of AVA CLINIC takes care of physical and emotional wellbeing of your donor.

3. Preparation of recipient

While the stimulation of the donor takes place you can stay at home and prepare for the embryo transfer. Doctor will prepare a plan of the treatment. You can follow the growth of the endometrium at the doctor's office in your home country. During this period our coordinator will be in constant contact with you. She will answer your questions and provide information via Skype, e-mail, and phone.

4. Ovarian puncture

On the day of the puncture all eggs of the female donor are inseminated with the sperm of your chosen donor. All eggs collected during this particular stimulation belong to you only.

5. Transferring embryo to the uterus

Embryos are transferred to the uterus on the third day after ovarian puncture. You will have to arrive at the clinic. The procedure will take several hours and you will be able to go home the same day.

In some cases doctor can recommend to cultivate the embryo to the blastocyst stage and transfer it to the uterus on the fifth day.

Usually one or two embryos are transferred. Transfer of one embryo is recommended when it has a high quality, patient is in reproductive age, and it is her first attempt. Chances of pregnancy can be increased by a transfer of two embryos, however, that might increase the possibility of twin pregnancy. Therefore a careful monitoring by an expert is very important.

6. Period from embryo transfer until pregnancy test

A reliable pregnancy test can be carried out two weeks after implantation. For many this fortnight of waiting is the most difficult period of the treatment.

All one can do is wait and hope that the embryo will attach itself to the lining of uterus wall, and pregnancy will begin.

During this period patient's mood swings from optimism and euphoria to deep despair. Your doctor, nurses and other specialists of AVA CLINIC will help you, provide support and inspiration. Your coordinator will be in constant contact with you via Skype, e-mail, and phone.

7. Pregnancy test

Pregnancy begins if one or both embryos have attached themselves to the lining of uterus wall. It happens within several days after embryo transfer.

The team of AVA CLINIC is as excited about finding out test results as you are. We kindly ask you to let us know the results as soon as possible.

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