For more than twenty years we are bringing women joy of motherhood. We have accumulated a vast experience of successful research in the area of infertility treatment.

Our clinic is an international enterprise. Our professionals regularly deepen their knowledge and improve their qualification by working alongside colleagues in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Great Britain, Spain, and by attending international symposia and seminars.

Without an initial visit

You can carry out all the necessary tests in your country, under the supervision of your own doctor. That enables you to travel to Riga only for the embryo transfer. Having done all the tests in your home country will not affect the treatment. It will save your time and money, and will enable you to carry on with the usual pace of life and work schedule.

Anonymous donations

Legislation of Latvian Republic not only permits usage of donated cells, but also ensures anonymity of the process. Ava Clinic is authorized to use both, donated ovum and sperm, in the same fertilization procedure. That is crucial for couples requiring two donated gametes for the treatment.

According to legislation of Latvian Republic not only heterosexual couples have permission to use donated cells, but also women without a male partner. That enables us to help so many people who dream of becoming a parent.

Treatment of women up to age of fifty

When all the hope seems to have gone, do not despair. AVA CLINIC has a vast experience and has been successfully treating the mot complicated forms of infertility. We are confident in our ability to help you to become a parent.

No waiting lists

Please, do not postpone or hesitate. Begin your treatment now. After your request will arrive at AVA CLINIC, within one day you will receive an answer containing customized treatment plan for your problem.

We speak the same language

Our doctors and professionals communicate in English, German, Latvian and Russian.

Private coordinator

During the entire treatment period you will be assisted by a private coordinator. She will be at your service from the moment your request is received until the arrival of the long awaited baby. The task of our coordinator is to ensure that your stay with us is as comfortable as possible. She will answer your questions, and she will remain in constant contact with you via Skype, e-mail, and phone.

Selection of a donor

We choose the suitable donor very carefully. We take into account not only donor's height, weight, color of eyes and hair, blood type and Rh factor, but also education, work area, hobbies, and as close as possible resemblance to the recipient.

Quality standards

AVA CLINIC has an ISO 9001:2008 certificate. The opinions of our patients, quality of our work, confidentiality and safety of our procedures and services have the utmost importance to us. We understand that all those factors play a crucial role in ensuring high results and successful treatments.

High success rate

Highly qualified doctors, methods that have been refined over the years, state of the art equipment, all of these factors have helped to ensure the high success rate of 93%.

One donor – one recipient

All cells collected from a donor and fertilized by a sperm of your husband (partner) or by a sperm of a donor belong to you and only you. We do not share cells among recipients.

Riga - capital of Latvia

Riga is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is the third biggest city in Baltic region, right after St. Petersburg and Stockholm. Riga can be easily reached by airplane, bus or ferry. No visas are needed to visit Latvia.



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