Freezing of the genetic material

AVA Clinic offer the possibility to freeze and store the genetic material (eggs, sperm, embryos). We use verified modern method of freezing (vitrification) which doesn't effect negatively on the egg, sperm and embryo ability to fertilize and develop. You can store your genetic material up to 10 years with us.

Sperm freezing

Sperm tolerate the freezing process well therefore can be frozen for future use either in artificial insemination or other fertility treatments, or be donated. We are freezing sperm samples in the routine work, which are then stored frozen until they are needed.

Donated sperm has to be stored for six months before it can be used in treatment, in order to screen the donor for infections.

Embryo freezing

In the in vitro procedures, there are sometimes extra embryos which should be frozen for further use.

Freezing (vitrification) of embryos involves cooling down the embryo until it finally freezes. This ultrarapid process is so fast that it literally allows no time for intracellular ice to form. As a result, vitrification avoids trauma to the embryo. Vitrified embryos have a better than 95% freeze-thaw survival rate, and a pregnancy generating potential that is comparable to fresh embryos.

Vitrification and storage of oocytes (eggs)

Some women are beginning to think about motherhood after reaching the age of thirty. A new method gives a chance of motherhood to women who would like to postpone having children and to women who suffer from ovarian exhaustion syndrome.

Thanks to vitrification and storage of ovum (eggs) possibility to become pregnant by using frozen ovum reaches 50% for women at the age of thirty in comparison to 15% for women at the age of forty.

The age of the woman at the moment of implantation of ovum (as embryo) has no significance. What matters is the age at the moment of freezing of oocytes (eggs).


Before the process of vitrification you should schedule an appointment with a doctor-reproductologist. The doctor will explain the ovum (eggs) collection and freezing process as well as prescribe all the necessary tests and analyses.

Before oocytes (eggs) can be frozen it is necessary to establish that you are not and have not been previously infected with:
-hepatitis B and hepatitis C,

AVA Clinic requires that the tests should have been done not earlier than six months before collection of oocytes (eggs).

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