Infertility treatments

Our lives in modern society are interwoven with constant psychological pressure, stress, and unfavorable ecological environment. Unfortunately all of these factors have a negative impact on human reproductive function, significantly reducing our potential for a harmonious family life. Help can be provided by assisted reproductive technologies. They give all of us a chance to experience the joy of parenthood.

Assisted reproductive technologies
This term encompasses such methods used to achieve pregnancy, where one or more processes take place outside the human body.

Artificial Insemination

One of the assisted reproductive technologies. Specially prepared sperm of the partner or donor is placed directly into uterus of the woman. From that moment on the pregnancy evolves in the same way as in case of natural concievement: spermatozoids must travel along the fallopian tubes, reach the ovum and fertilize it.


Insemination is used when the ability of spermatozoids to reach the uterus is hindered. This technology is comparatively simple and ensures good results.


In more complicated cases methods of extracorporeal insemination must be used where insemination takes place outside the body of the woman.


Insemination can be done using:


IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) is a method of assisted reproductive technologies. The ovum is fertilized outside the body of a woman in a laboratory.

After the insemination embryos are transferred to uterine cavity. There they continue to develop in the natural environment of a woman's body. If during the treatment more embryos were obtained than necessary, the remaining embryos can be frozen and kept for ten years.

Do not despair if you do not possess your own germ cells. You still have a chance to become a parent! We in AVA CLINIC for more than twenty years have been successfully providing treatments with cells of the donors.


We offer customized programs. Our recipient receives all eggs donated by a donor during the particular cycle of ovarian stimulation. AVA CLINIC chooses donors very carefully; we try to match them to the needs of our recipients as closely as possible, including the similarity of appearance.


We know that every day you need to wait to become pregnant is excruciatingly slow. Therefore we do our best to begin the treatment as soon as possible. In our clinic you do not need to wait for a donor. You can begin the treatment today! The whole cycle of treatment using donated cells from the first visit till the embryo transfer lasts only two to three months


IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) can be:

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