Pregnancy monitoring

Pregnancy is perhaps the happiest time of life for every woman and for every family.

Our clinic offers individual programs of monitoring at any stage of the pregnancy as well as complex monitoring of pregnancy according to an individual schedule, in comfortable atmosphere and at a time convenient for you. We offer monitoring from the very beginning of the pregnancy until the birth.


We pay special attention to:
- complicated pregnancies,
- miscarriage treatment,
- pregnancies under a risk of miscarriage.


Along with the scheduled consultations you can always contact your doctor and ask him/her any questions that concern you.


Pregnancy monitoring program includes:
- monthly consultations,
- ultrasonography,
- dopplerometry,
- cardiotocography,
- necessary blood, urine and swab tests,
- prenatal screening, which allows detection of inherited and hereditary fetal abnormalities.


In our clinic you will be monitored by a highly qualified expert.

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Every mother dreams of seeing her baby. It is so important for her to know how the baby feels? How does it look? Who does it look like? What is the baby doing? Nowadays this dream has become a reality!

AVA CLINIC offers ultrasonographic assessment using unique equipment Voluson.

Already on the twelfth week of pregnancy you are able to see your baby on screen, in color!

The 4D equipment allows to see the baby in real time, and take a picture similar to a photograph. It is even possible to record a short film of the secret life inside a womb for your family archive.

Highly qualified experts of our clinic are able to see the fetal abnormalities in the early stages of pregnancy.

School for the moms-to-be

Nothing compares to the days spent expecting the birth of your baby. In the school for the parents-to-be we will help to scatter the insecurity and anxiousness. We will answer any question that has risen during the pregnancy.

The complete course of preparation for birth and motherhood is a complex program, consisting of three parts. The course includes both group and individual classes.

Experts of AVA CLINIC will help you to understand, how to prepare your body for birth, explain the physiology, psychology and the emotional condition of a woman during the pregnancy. They will advise on how to prepare your body physically and how to take care of your health after the birth. They will teach you how to take care of your newborn baby.

Our classes are live direct communication. Lectures interweave with practice sessions. Psychological training allows you to discover your inner resources, and art therapy teaches to express the emotions. Videos and music helps to perceive the information.

As a result of these classes women experience stabilization of their mental state, sleeping patterns improve, arterial pressure return to normal.

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